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Three reasons to uncover 11M 2004 terrorist attack in Spain

There are at least three reasons why Spain should not leave the attack of March 11, 2004 unresolved. The intellectual authorship, which the judge admitted not solved, must finally be investigated, sentenced and made domain public.


The first reason, the most obvious, is justice for the victims. They deserve recognition, not concealment. Memory, justice, truth and dignity is what they are explicitly requiring.

They have none of that today. And the case will prescribe next year. This is the first thing to correct, cancel prescription.


The second reason is political. And it has two angles, the European one and the Moroccan one, the two most probable masterminds.

If the attack was carried out to separate Spain from the US orbit and place it under the Franco-German one, it is clear that over the years the strategy is still present. We could say that the 2004 coup is ongoing:

  • The judicial shelter granted by Belgium and Germany to a Spanish coup plotter like Puigdemont, even in breach of the provisions of the Euro-orders, has no other credible explanation.
  • The EU’s support for Sánchez, an unscrupulous autocrat, like Zapatero before, two traitors probably to the Franco-German service is also quite clear. We only have to compare it with the EU’s critical position towards Poland or Hungary.
  • The collaboration of the Spanish media in the whitening of Sánchez’s allies, Chavists and secessionists, while demonizing a perfectly democratic party like Vox is such an absurdity that it can only be intentional. It must be remembered that the media in Spain are mostly Central European owned.
  • The increase in debt, Spain’s dependence on Europe first with Zapatero and now with Sánchez… even before the pandemic! It is a debt trap. Why would EU be giving the money so esasily?

Even the resignation of the PP, the main right-wing party opposed to Sánchez, to wage the cultural battle, makes one suspect that France&Germany are also trying to take over that party.

There are many examples that the intrigue to divide and subdue Spain continues.

With respect to Morocco, the subordination of Spanish policy to Moroccan interests has lately reached the point of being almost ridiculous. With unilateral cessions by Spain (position regarding the Sahara, commercial support for Moroccan products in competition with Spanish ones, silence in the face of cases of espionage…) and ostensible contempt on the part of Morocco (visits in which Sánchez and his ministers did not they were not even received by the King…)
It seems clear that Morocco has something to put pressure on Spain, and it is very likely that it has to do with the threat of uncovering 11M.


The third reason is economic, associated with the future of the Spanish people. Has to do with our wealth and that of our children.

You only have to look at the graphs of the Spanish debt or the per capita income of the Spanish compared to the European average to assess what we lost economically that 11M. Current (income) and future (debt) show how far our standard of living has been degraded.

When young people cannot buy a flat and retirees see severe cuts in their pensions, something that seems inevitable that it will end up coming, we will have to ask ourselves: would this have happened without Zapatero and Sánchez? I think the graphs at the top of this article give a clear answer: we are much poorer because of Zapatero and Sánchez, who arrived with 11M.

And it has been intentional. We can remember the Solbes(PSOE)-Pizarro(PP) debate in 2008, in which reality was denied by PSOE, deceiving the Spaniards. Or look at how Sánchez wastes despite our deficit, already since 2018, before the pandemic. That’s not mistakes, it’s strategy.
It seems clear that those who have brought Zapatero and Sánchez to power do not want us to be economically strong and autonomous. Nor they want us ruined, they want us to buy their products, that’s why they supported Rajoy in 2011 (who immediately began reducing the enormous annual deficit, so big it took two years to stop debt growing, these things have their inevitable inertia). They want us in an intermediate that is both manageable and profitable.

This, furthermore, should be fixed. Those who have caused this economic collapse should be the ones who bear the cost of correcting it. Our excess debt, for example, should be theirs, not ours. There should be a significant repair to claim.


As can be seen, there are at least three important reasons to fight for the resolution and public exposure of the intellectual origin of the 11M terrorist attack: Justice for the victims, defense of the future of Spain as a nation and the prosperity of the Spanish people, all of them now strongly eroded and at risk of worsening if we do not react.

There will be no repair without political fighting for it. But, don’t we have reasons to fight? Aren’t the Justice Courts made for these? That of The Hague, the European Court of Human Rights or the Court of Justice of the European Union, whichever corresponds.

Shouldn’t a European country denounce and demand compensation when other European countries do not behave as expected in a democratic EU where the law governs? It would be a good precedent for the future of a healthy EU. And it is time to do it, there are the governments of Poland, Hungary, Italy and Sweden facing Franco-German domination.

Maybe this is a fourth reason, maybe uncovering and repairing 11M is essential for the EU to have a future.



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