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11M 2004 attack in Spain, in the starting line of Western self-destruction path

11M, a change of course for Spain

The political degradation that the World currently suffers, in Spain began in 2004. When Zapatero came to power after the brutal 11M terrorist attack and completely changed the political line. Moving Spain away from the alliance with the US and subordinating us to France and Germany. Dragging us to partnership with Spanish secessionism and Latin American Bolivarianism and Peronism.

In Spain we could even look back a little further, to the moment when the PSC (Socialist Party of Catalonia) planted the seed in the PSOE (Socialist Workers’ Party of Spain) by surprisingly supporting Zapatero at the PSOE Congress in 2000. Just like Iceta, also from the PSC, later supported Sánchez in a second conquest of the PSOE in the 2017 Primaries. Always the PSC behind the degradation of the PSOE, pushing it towards collaboration with secessionism and subordination to France (which go together).

The seed planted by the PSC in the PSOE grew with Zapatero and began to bear its perverse fruits when he came to power after the 14M elections. Marked by the electoral attack, since the result predicted by the polls was completely reversed.

I think it is clear by who and why the terrorist attack was done, the milestones that direct history do not occur by chance. It was an attack that we could also describe as an electoral fraud. And in Spain we had decades of ETA murders from the coverage of what was called their Sanctuary in French Pyrenees. France had a tradition of influencing Spain through the promotion of terrorism. Similar, I imagine, to his indirect support for Palestinian terrorism. It is no by chance that Arafat sought the shelter of Paris in his last hours.


The end of the Age of Freedoms

But not only Spain suffers the consequences of the attack. The seed planted in Spain in 2000 is just one of many. There are many seeds planted all over the world and even before 2004. You just have to look at the current chaos in the US, Latin America, the Middle East, China, Russia… The whole world seems to be falling apart during the last couple of decades.

The world is becoming increasingly raging and dangerous again. Like so many times before in history. And, to be clear, I think in that degradation and instability plays an important role an intrigue that started with German Ostpolitik in the early 70s. An intrigue that worsened in 2002 with the incorporation from France.

Forged associated with the formation of the European Union, a new great economic power excessive as all in its beginnings. It’s main actors are the joint venture between large national companies and their respective states and whose current branches of influence we sometimes call NWO.

This can lead to the end of a sweet stage of history of growth of democracies and freedoms. One only has to see how dictatorships are increasing all over the world. A fall caused, as always, by mistakes of some and unbridled and reckless ambitions of others. Lead by irresponsible powers that, as usual, use distortion and deception as their tool. The cognitive manipulation of society to drag it, in practice, to disaster. Nothing new, but no less dangerous anyway.


The cognitive battle

That is why it is so important to fight the cognitive battle. The battle against correct prejudices and hatred that are sown every day disguised as high ideals.

Whoever divides, confronts, censors, incites intolerance… is not really good, no matter how high the ideals he invokes. The end does not justify the means, no matter how much they try to convince us. We can recognize at this point in history the so many times used puritan manipulation, with it’s hypocrisy and double standards.

But it is not easy to fight the battle of ideas, of discourse. Those who manipulate have previously taken control by ownership of the vast majority of the media an Big Tech and they try to dismantle any reaction. With censorship, harassment and distortions. As we say in Spain: whoever pays the piper, chooses the tune.

But at least there is one idea we can be clear about among so much confusion. Leftist ideology, already almost totally perverted, has become one of its main tools of manipulation (it was to be expected, since this intrigue arises from the collaboration between Germany and the USSR). And supported on it, as derived from the class struggle, the collective struggle: radical feminism, anti-fascism, BLM anti-racism, LGBT sectarianism, CRT rewriting of history, climate alarmism… Cognitive manipulation.


The reaction

From the foregoing it can be deduced that our main problem lies in the heart of Europe. So there is where the greatest of battles must take place. It is the place from which the manipulators draw their strength: their finances. France and Germany would not be able to manipulate the rest if they do not control all the resources of the EU.

That is why EU leaders press Poland or Hungary with obvious double standard and why UK left the EU in the so called Brexit before getting controlled by France & Germany joint venture. That also explains how is it possible that Sánchez, who is probably the worst European politician, will soon assume the position of President of the Council without having received any reproach.

That is also why they are so concerned about Meloni in Italy or Vox in Spain. Because they, as Trump in the US, do not submit to their mantras. They don’t accept to play by their rigged rules, their distorted and mandatory correction. Because without the control of Europe, France and Germany are just two great countries, not the great World power they pretend to be.

And it’s a battle worth fighting. Because not only the future of Spain or Poland is being decided. The future of all Europe is being decided, which is not yet closed. And we might not want a sad and perverse Europe, a Franco-German commercial colony supported by constant lies, intrigues and manipulation.

Instead of the traditional colonialist Europe the try to deply, we may want a Europe that is a benchmark for freedoms and rights, a Europe of equals instead of national economical powers. A real democracy with power counterweights, transparent strategies and freedom of expression. It’s worth it.



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