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The times they are a-changing

The 70s, Germany approaches the USSR

In the 1970s the Western democracies made a rookie mistake. They accepted of them, Germany, to begin a collaborative relationship with the greatest enemy of democracies those days, the USSR.

It was not a of balance of forces that was better or worse implemented. Like the acceptance of the USSR amongst the Allies during World War II to stop Hitler. Or the US support for Pinochet’s Chile against communist expansion, or Hussein’s Iraq against Iran. It was the establishment, by mere particular German interests, of a network of political and economic ties with a dictatorship at [Cold] war with the West and democracy itself.

This German strategy was called the Ostpolitik, the politics of the East. And as usual, perversion was wrapped in altruistic clothing: “Those who trade with each other do not shoot each other.”

No doubt Russia and Germany, especially big German companies, did major business and didn’t fight each other. But they made it easier to shoot at third countries or opponents inside Russia (Ukraine is just the latest example).


The 90s, the German predominance

In the 1990s, after 20 years of profitable relationship, there were important changes associated with the fall of the USSR.

German politicians often argue that Ostpolitik was the basis for reunification and the end of the cold war. But as it is well described in a The Guardian article ‘We were all wrong’: how Germany got hooked on Russian energy: a number of historians and writers believe that this rosy picture of Ostpolitik is misleading… It was military buildup by Reagan and the flooding of the market with cheap oil that led to the collapse of the Soviet Union…The Russian government budget had grown so dependent on energy for its revenue that when the price of oil plummeted in the mid-1980s, Russia’s lifeline to external capital dried up. Gorbachev could no longer fund the overseas wars and the Soviet Republics.

The fact is that events accelerated. The fall of the Berlin wall and German reunification (90), independence of many republics that made up the USSR, division of Yugoslavia (91) and Czechoslovakia (93)… All changes that favored an unquestionable German predominance in Europe.

The balance between countries that had characterized the original EEC (European Economic Community) disappeared and the new EU was formed under German dominance. A Continental EU, centered around Germany, instead of the previous balanced Atlantic one.


2000 – Franco-German domain

This imbalance in favor of Germany was maintained until approximately 2002, when France surrenders, stops opposing and moves to Germany sides (the Nice agreement is revealing, it was signed in 2001 with France supporting Spanish over-representation to counterbalance Germany and barely a year later Chirac-Schröder were already asking Spain to renounce those conditions ). The stage that we could call Franco-German begins.

And predominance becomes dominance. The 11M attack (2004) is characteristic of the new ways, it was either by hook or by crook, but Spain renounced to Nice conditions. The German veto on Ukraine‘s entry into NATO (2008) and subsequent Russian invasion (2014). The creation of the 2030 Agenda via the UN (2015), the double standards of the EU accepting Sánchez‘s (current Spanish president) autocratic ways while demonizing Poland or Hungary just becouse they don’t submit… The games are already about domain.

This is already about taking control of countries: their media, the political class to be able to put puppet presidents at their service, and their essential institutions such as Justice, Public Education or the Intelligence Service amongst others.

This Franco-German power (understood as a kind of joint-venture between big corporations and the German and French states) does not hesitate to conspire even against the world leader, the US.

Politicians, especially from the Democratic Party, media, big technologies, political movements, state institutions… Everything suggests that the US is currently strongly conditioned by Franco-German influence and suffers a real cognitive attack (BLM, anti-fascists, Woke, CRT historical revisionism… very similar to what they have used against Spain for centuries)


2015 – Democracies react

By 2015, maybe a little earlier, something seems to change in the world. Things start to happen for the first time since the 1970s, breaking Germany’s sequence of unopposed growth.

The Anglo-Saxon world finally reacts. The United Kingdom leaves the EU (Brexit 2016-2020) and begins to confront Franco-German power (support for Poland…).

In the US, Trump (2017) comes to power. An apparent loose verse that surprisingly gets to lead the Republican Party. And then becomes president and abruptly takes on the Merkel-Macron tandem. It is not strange that they wanted to stop him with electoral fraud, like they did Spain in 2004!

And the reaction extends to other countries such as Poland, Hungary, Italy, Sweden…

Even Spain, where Vox was created in 2013, a right wing party that wages the cognitive battle that the PP (main right wing party) does not, as RINOs also avoid facing political correction in the US. A party, Vox, with the purpose of being a voice unsubjected to the framework of self-destructive correction imposed by France and Germany.


We have reached the present stage. A dangerous world in which the global tension between countries grows and freedom recedes. But there are reasons for hope.

Germany has grown a lot taking advantage of the fact that it had no opposition. But now that has changed, their position is not as simple now.

France and Germany support almost every bad power in the world. The cognitive attack on the US, the imposition of the NWO doctrinal framework all over the world, promotion of secessionisms in Spain and the United Kingdom, fomentation of left-wing autocracies in Latin America, collaboration with the Palestinian victimist Islamism in the Middle East, lack of reaction in front of the Chinese dictatorship

It is easy for the seed of reaction to grow, to gain support. And on the other hand, it is often said that the bad guys prosper when there is a lack of reaction from the good guys. Something that seems to have ended. So… Let’s fight to fix Europe and support those who fight that nasty domination in the rest of the world!

Cheer up! The times they are a-changing!


Note: Spanish version in: Los tiempos están cambiando.



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